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Authorised Waste Collection and Treatment 

We are a Ticino based company with more than 10 years of experience in collecting and treating waste cooking oil. We have all the necessary OTRif authorisations for the correct treatment of waste cooking oil. 


Environmental impacts of

Improper Disposal of Waste Cooking Oil

Improper disposal of WCO can have severe environmental impacts affecting aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, which can take many years to recover.

1 litre of oil can pollute 1 million litres of water.


Waste to Fuel

Used cooking oil can be used to produced biodiesel, a biodegradable fuel that is much less damaging to the environment than conventional petroleum fuels.  It produces less green house gas emissions when burned and allows the reuse of what would have been a hazardous waste, used cooking oil. 


What We Can Do For You

We offer a completely FREE oil collection system in Ticino. We have the proper authorisations to collect, transport and treat waste cooking oil that we use to produce a biogenic fuel. 



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Let us know where you are and how much oil do you need us to collect.


Together we’ll organise a day and time for the collection that works best for you.


Free collection

We come and collect the waste oil from your premises. 

Good environmental practice

With your help we’re recycling a hazardous material to produce an ecofriendly fuel. 

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